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My mother-in-law used to make the most beautiful temari.
I saw the rows of multicolored cotton threads and it was love at first sight--I thought they were dazzling. That's when I started making temari.

When I discovered Sanuki Kagari Temari, it was beautiful in a novel, almost mysterious way.
The threads were dyed with natural materials giving them gentle hues that made the embroidery soft and calming.
A completed temari inspires a sort of affection that makes you want to hold and gaze on them forever.

Though I studied metal engraving looking to make it my career, I realized creating temari and sharing their charm with others was the only job in which I truly shone and that brought people joy.
I am grateful to my in-laws for keeping this Sanuki tradition alive and passing down this traditional toy to future generations.

Currently, our workshop family is over 100 crafters strong. We do our handiwork while also building each other up.
Our wish is that each temari born from our skills and creativity becomes someone's cherished treasure. As such, we pour our hearts into every step in the process.

I want to infuse the tradition of Sanuki Kagari Temari with a sense of modernity and liberty.
I appreciate the wonder of traditional Japanese designs like the chrysanthemum, cherry tree blossom, and hemp leaf, but also the unexpected tugs at my heart and epiphanies of daily life.
Take, for instance, the planets that dot the night sky or the rhythmic hues of modern paintings. Such things become seeds that grow into new temari.

I wish for every temari to make someone happy. And I want to keep making them forevermore.
May Sanuki Kagari Temari become a part of everyone's life.

Eiko Araki

荒木 永子
讃岐かがり手まり保存会 主宰

香川県生まれ。赤坂宝石彫金学院、日本宝飾クラフト学院を卒業後、彫金や宝飾の仕事を経て、「讃岐かがり手まり」の技法を伝承する義母・荒木八重子に師事。2006年、「香川県伝統工芸士」に認定され、「讃岐かがり手まり保存会」代表に就任。2010年、香川の手まりの文化と技法を後世に継承することを目的として高松市内に工房を開設。伝統的な技法に独自の感覚を取り入れ、郷土玩具の枠を超えた作品の創作に取り組んでいる。主な作品は「La Fleur(ラ・フルール)」「香手まりシリーズ」など。著書に「讃岐のかがり手まり」(NHK出版)、「刺しゅう糸で、染め糸で、毛糸で。讃岐かがり手まり」(日本ヴォーグ社)。
Eiko Araki
Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Association Chairperson
Temari Artisan

Born in Kagawa Prefecture. After graduating from the Akasaka Jewelry and Metal Chasing Academy and the Japanese Jewelry Craft School, she worked in metal chasing and jewelry, and was handed down the techniques of Sanuki Kagari Temari in an apprenticeship under her mother-in-law Yaeko Araki. In 2006, she was acknowledged as a Traditional Craftsperson of Kagawa Prefecture and became the representative of the Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Association. In 2010, she opened a workshop in Takamatsu City in order to pass down the culture and techniques of Kagawa temari to future generations. She integrated traditional techniques with her unique sensibilities and is working on creating works of art that surpass the boundaries of what make a traditional toy. Some of her more flagship pieces include La Fleur and the Fragrant Temari Series. Written works include "Sanuki Kagari Temari" (NHK Publishing) and "Sanuki Kagari Temari with Embroidery Thread, Dyed Thread, and Wool." (Nihon Vogue Sha).
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